This is long overdue. My blog is not active. I'm not on social media to promote myself. Maybe it doesn't matter. It's a rainy evening after the first day of (virtual) school, and I'm listening to Piano in the Background. Grad school homework is calling my name, but my blog (really, God) has been calling … Continue reading Then

The Time God Held A Plane For Me

God, as He always does, showed up for me in big ways this week. He answered two prayers AND he gave me my own miracle in the middle of a storm (literally). I started nannying again this week, and I also got to make a quick trip out to Southern California this weekend, so it … Continue reading The Time God Held A Plane For Me

Love Has Won (Not A Post About Gay Marriage)

Lately: I started nannying. Caitlyn Jenner overwhelmingly grabbed the media’s attention. I attended a leadership conference exclusively for members of my sorority. The Charleston church shooting devastated the African American community. I finally got the New Member Education curriculum for my sorority exactly the way I envisioned it. I decided to put on some serious … Continue reading Love Has Won (Not A Post About Gay Marriage)