Teaching in a Pandemic

If you're somehow involved with the field of education -- students, teachers, parents -- you know the pandemic has posed challenges we never thought we'd encounter. Students, especially younger learners, are prematurely left to manage their own schedules during the week. All teachers are in year one again in many ways, desperately trying to adapt … Continue reading Teaching in a Pandemic


Disclaimer: I am NOT a health expert! This is just my personal experience with health and fitness. This story begins with my decision to remove myself from social media. Read more about my reasons and the effects being off social media has had on my life since 2018 on Maggie's blog. While I did feel … Continue reading I LOST 1/4 OF MY BODY WEIGHT IN 9 MONTHS!


This is long overdue. My blog is not active. I'm not on social media to promote myself. Maybe it doesn't matter. It's a rainy evening after the first day of (virtual) school, and I'm listening to Piano in the Background. Grad school homework is calling my name, but my blog (really, God) has been calling … Continue reading Then

Why Me?

Three Saturdays ago, I forgot I agreed to curl my best friend’s hair before her college graduation in Kansas City. It happens, right? I jumped out of bed, hopped in the shower, and packed a bag. I wish that graduation was the only item on my agenda for the day, but unfortunately it was overlapping … Continue reading Why Me?