22 Things Your Sophomore Year of College Teaches You

  1. You’ll learn what it means to unapologetically be yourself, but you’ll continue to run into people who make you question who you are. It’s okay.
  2. You’ll also run into people who make you feel comfortable in your own skin like you never have before, but sadly many of those people only make a brief appearance. It’s okay.
  3. You’ll willingly stay in and DD… And you’ll enjoy it, putting your crazy freshman self to shame. It’s okay.
  4. You’ll wear the same outfit for a couple days and not care one bit. It’s okay.
  5. You’ll start meeting boys at the library and in class, leaving your favorite fraternity open for new freshman frat rats to claim. It’s okay.
  6. You’ll realize that these “good” boys are your true future husband candidates, but most of them will hurt you too. It’s okay.
  7. You’ll notice the girls in your classes with promise rings and engagement rings as they raise their hands, and you’ll panic because you’re no where near that level of commitment, even with your newfound “good” boy. It’s okay.
  8. You’ll look back at your first declared major, wondering why you ever thought you’d be happy with it, and you’ll feel the same uncertainty creeping back up with your current major, even though you won’t say it out loud. It’s okay.
  9. You’ll look back on the moment you joined the beloved organization that you’re now taking leadership positions in and nostalgically wonder where your new member period went. It’s okay.
  10. You’ll think class is fun. It’s okay.
  11. You’ll see your teachers as real people for the first time in your academic career and you’ll genuinely laugh at their (bad) jokes and you’ll also relate to a lot of the things they say. It’s okay.
  12. You’ll be conflicted with feeling accomplished and overwhelmed when you enroll in your first upper level classes. It’s okay.
  13. You’ll procrastinate like you always have, but in a more methodical, intelligent way. It’s okay.
  14. You’ll still cry sometimes (probably over your upper level classes). It’s okay.
  15. You’ll bitterly attend that pesky general education class you pushed off until now, considering it more of a burden than a blow-off. It’s okay.
  16. You’ll declare every unhealthily decision “the last time ever”, striving to set the foundation for your future but still making mistakes. It’s okay.
  17. You’ll also declare the trek up three flights of stairs to class every day adequate exercise because if it makes you that out of breath you’re obviously working hard enough and it’s definitely not an indication of how out of shape you are. It’s okay.
  18. You’ll maybe talk to two people from high school only sometimes, and you definitely don’t plan to see anyone from high school when you go home, not even your “BFFs” because you all have your own lives now. It’s okay.
  19. You’ll go home because your family is actually sort of great and definitely not the same annoying people they were two years ago. It’s okay.
  20. You’ll become a social media recluse, but when something totally awesome happens you obviously have to post about it on every medium of social media so everyone else can see how totally awesome your post-high school life is. It’s okay.
  21. You’ll turn 20… and feel exactly like you did when you turned 15. It’s okay.
  22. You’ll watch the “Children & Family” category on Netflix more than you’re willing to admit because you are in denial of being 20 and halfway done with college. It’s okay.

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