6 Reasons Why You Stay In Messy Relationships

We all have messy relationships. Whether it be with family members, friends or the people we’re dating, we all have them, and the fact is, every relationship is going to be messy because everyone has baggage. Baggage can’t be avoided, but when is a messy relationship too messy? A relationship is healthy and successful when you can truly understand and work through each other’s baggage, not because you simply accept the mess. Why do you accept your messy relationship? There are six reasons…

1.) You’re comfortable. But are you really capable of dealing with whatever it is you’ve become accustomed to dealing with?

2.) You’re insecure. You’ve let someone else give you identity and in the process, you’ve lost who you are, so you need to keep them around to define yourself.

3.) You’re afraid of change. When one door closes another one always opens, and it’s scary not knowing. Change isn’t always easy, but more often than not, it’s for the best.

4.) You’d rather fix their mess than your own. Sometimes it’s easier to solve someone else’s problems than it is to solve your own, and it certainly distracts you from what’s convicting you and holding you back, but your problems aren’t going anywhere.

5.) You want what they have. And you think that’s what you need and this is the the only person you can get it from, but life has it’s own way of giving you what you need, and if you’re living right, it’s usually more than you could ever want.

6.) You care… And that’s okay! Sometimes the best way to show someone you care, especially in a messy relationship, is to take a step back and end it. What’s meant to be will always find a way in it’s own time.

One thought on “6 Reasons Why You Stay In Messy Relationships

  1. I think this is a good message especially more to young people. Don’t ever just stay in a relationship because it’s all your used to. Because before you know it, it’s 10 years later and your miserable. Great post.

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