22 Things Your Junior Year of College Teaches You

  1. Better late than never, including but not limited to, class, work, social outings, this blog post… It’s okay.
  2. But actually, a lot of times, things aren’t okay at all and you don’t have to pretend that they are because you know that God’s always in control.
  3. 21 is fun but not that fun because your bank account balance is even lower and your calorie intake is even higher than when you were 20.
  4. When other girls raise their hands in class, you’ve started to notice that big sparkly thing on their left ring finger and you wonder why you don’t have one but then you think about how terrifying marriage sounds at the same time.
  5. Your wedding Pinterest Board is alive and well, but the biggest obstacle standing between you and happily ever after isn’t the absence of a husband-material boyfriend or parental disapproval: it’s money.
  6. You may not have a ring on your finger yet, but some of your friends do, and celebrating with them at their bridal showers and bachelorette parties also costs a whole bunch of money.
  7. You like the idea of being grown up with a husband and a house, but you also wonder why you can’t go back to middle school with all of your high school and college experience and totally win at the awkward years with less responsibility than you know your future holds.
  8. You’re one year away from your first big girl job, and the truth is you’ll probably be kissing both your mom and dad goodbye as you leave your childhood home for your first day, just like kindergarten.
  9. Your cute-clothes-for-work Pinterest Board is also thriving, but it’s a good day if you change your Norts and oversized t-shirt combo after rolling out of bed with five minutes until class.
  10. Dressing up for any occasion is almost always more trouble than it’s worth.
  11. Your sorority’s values and national organization is incredible, but the cute t-shirts, socials, and sisterhoods don’t have the same appeal as they did when you were 18-years-old looking for your home away from home.
  12. Your actual home is a whole lot nicer than any place you’ve lived in college, even if your parents and siblings are annoying.
  13. Believe it or not, the shows you binge-watch on Netflix do cost money, and some of us are faced with the decision to go without or pay the $8.99 per month ourselves (that’s the entirety of our checking accounts some months).
  14. He may not be holding your hand these days, but your dad is still taking care of you way more than you ever realized and you’re glad for it.
  15. Your mom is really a beautiful, amazing, intelligent human being (shout out to all the moms for Mother’s Day today!).
  16. The gym is your friend if you’re ever going to have a shot at becoming a hot mom yourself someday, even if you have to make time to go early in the morning or between classes.
  17. Everyone’s using social media to get attention from everyone else.
  18. You can get away with a lot as long as you don’t brag about it on social media.
  19. But there are rules and laws for a reason, and breaking them isn’t as appealing as it was when you first started college and became obsessed with “freedom.”
  20. Your major classes are actually really fun and interesting, but school is still school and you won’t admit how much you enjoy what your professors have to say some days.
  21. Graduating a semester early would have been really nice, but all of the events and decisions (or lack-there-of) of freshman year definitely ruined that possibility.
  22. Regardless, you’re ready for senior year.



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