(Not) Studying For Finals

Let’s be honest, we’re all thinking about studying for finals, but I can name 10 things (all of which I may or may not be doing myself) “studying” actually entails.

(Fake) glasses are a must in finals preparation, by the way.
(Fake) glasses are a must in finals preparation, by the way.
  1. Creeping. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. So many options!!! You’re now well learned when it comes to your cousin’s boyfriend’s sister and her glamorous life. Is that on the final?
  2. Eating. The next best thing to late night Taco Bell is procrastination Taco Bell. Food for thought, right? You definitely need it.
  3. Watching Netflix. As soon as you’re done with this season you won’t have anything more important to watch than all of the online lectures of the classes you skipped. Priorities.
  4. Listening to music. They say classical music helps you study… Taylor Swift is obviously a classic. And your final is basically one of her songs with all of those “blank spaces”. Relevant.
  5. Cleaning. Your closet throwing up all over your floor really is taking up the necessary floor space you need to crack open those textbooks sitting in the corner and review the copious notes (doodles) you took during class.
  6. E-Cleaning. Each finals week is just one step closer to the real world, and employers in the real world will appreciate your organized Facebook albums and omission of “tweets from last night”… That’s way more important than your GPA!
  7. Reading. And I don’t mean catching up on every reading assignment you missed from class… I’m talking about those trendy articles that were practically written about your life. So liberating. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!
  8. Texting. You always text your best friend throughout the day, but it’s somehow the most urgent and important when you’re sitting across from her on the quiet floor of the library convincing yourself this is what it feels like to really study.
  9. Sleeping. They say get a good night’s sleep before test day… So obviously like five good nights of sleep plus naps makes you an overachiever, and overachievers always do well on tests.
  10. Crying. Okay so you accidentally found your high school boyfriend’s new girlfriend and she’s way prettier than you, those quesadillas made you gain like 10 pounds you’re never going to lose, the end of 90210 left you feeling empty, Taylor Swift sounds way better driving no where in your car passionately singing along, half of your wardrobe simply can’t be worn anymore and will become easy cash at Plato’s Closet, you were so skinny in high school and you know it’s Taco Bell’s fault you’re not anymore, you totally have to read and share every article like this ever because OMG LOVE, your best friend also used to be skinny and you have to be there for her right now as she shares emotional TBTs with you, and you’re just so stressed out about all of this that really your only option is to cry yourself to sleep.

Studying for finals is stressful. I know.


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