10 Downfalls of Having A Big Heart

Maybe you have a big heart yourself or maybe someone in your life does. I’ve experienced downfalls with myself as well as seen downfalls in the people I care about. And I’m not sure if the downfalls of having a big heart can be controlled or changed, but I like to think that pointing them out might help someone. Those with big hearts are very special people. The hardened world we live in hasn’t reached them, and they give us all hope.

1. You forgive too easily, even the people who don’t deserve your kindness, and you’re left feeling used.

2. You don’t tell the truth in the name of protecting someone’s feelings, but then you become trapped in a web of lies and you end up hurting that person more than the truth would’ve.

3. You don’t accept the harsh judgment of others so you take the plunge to find out yourself… And a lot of the time, you find out the hard way.

4. You choose to see the good in people, even when the bad needs attention and understanding, leaving the bad to swallow up everyone.

5. Everything you do is in the name of love, but you can’t quite grasp the concept of tough love, so you get stepped on.

6. You hand out too many second chances, and those who were undeserving of those chances make you look naïve.

7. You fall in love the way you should: blindly and passionately. But that’s not the way the world works… You also find that out the hard way.

8. You hold on when you should let go, and the inevitable breaking point breaks your big heart.

9. You don’t know how to say no, even when that’s the right answer, and you become overwhelmed.

10. You trust that everyone else’s heart is just as big as yours, and you refuse to believe it could be any different, even when you know it is.


9 thoughts on “10 Downfalls of Having A Big Heart

  1. As I read this, I am amazed that 97% of this describes how I love. For others who have a big heart, my experiences taught me that, it will be very difficult to change who you are. As hard as it is, gravitate toward others who love unconditionally as you do.

  2. Having a Big Heart is not a downfall just letting others take advantage of it sucks….. but if it were this would be a great way to break it down in 10 different ways. Spoken Words….

  3. Reading this makes me feel so scared of how my life could end up. I can’t say no. Even with my last penny. I know you are not good for ne but still want to give it another try. I found out about myself but just can’t change. This hurts knowing who I am. Yes everyone seem to think I am naive but I know deep down who I am but they always think of me stupid. Yes true this part hurts. Now don’t know my real friends. Don’t know who really loves me. I need some advice please. This has become something I really would want to change.

  4. Am also so amazed that 97% is my life story ..kinda scared of how the end is going to be I have loved and helped many people by I endup being hurt the more I wonder want to do…

  5. This really suits me; Because I love, I gave my all to others, Who didn’t care I gave others chances after chances even when they didn’t deserve it… I did all that I could do still seem like I was the one who was getting stabbed in the back.. I don’t understand why do good people go through so much hurt ?

  6. Yes the bigger they are the harder they fall , I’m like that,I give my heart to many people but they just break it , it hurt really bad but I still manage to forgive them , I cry to easy , I get emotional to easy , some say it a curse ,but to me it’s a gift that I managed to keep.

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