Love Like He Loves You

If you’re not falling in love every second of every day, you’re not living right.

I used to be the strongest believer in each person having one true soul mate that comes with a perfect happily ever after. I lived by that belief, and almost nothing else mattered to me. But that was until I lost the person I thought I was infinitely, inevitably and irreplaceably in love with.

Since then I’ve learned that you never fall in love the same way twice. And how beautiful is it that we were created to love and to be loved? Why not let love captivate and consume us in every way it touches our lives?

I had to lose my “forever” love to see that love isn’t just in our romantic relationships; it’s everywhere. It’s in the places we visit, the strangers we meet and the friends we connect with. There is, however, one great, true love: God’s love, which is attainable for all of us if we simply want it and ask for it. And once we dwell in that love, we are able to live with it driving every move we make and we can’t go wrong.

But it’s not easy… Love on this earth always comes and goes. You will (I promise) find the man or woman who will vow to be yours as long as you both may live and who also forgives you like no one else has ever been able to, but that commitment to love holds it’s own trials that I can only begin to imagine right now. Until then, love like you’re going to love that person because you never know when they’re going to come into your life… Or if they already are.

Reality is that everyone is going to disappoint you, and saying goodbye is the worst thing in the world. Maybe this is just me, but you never really know why either. This whole “closure” idea is something we tell ourselves for comfort. How do you ever forget something or someone you loved?

You don’t. And you shouldn’t have to.

We should all be courageous and honest enough to love each other for our broken and lost loves. Too many times we feel like we have to “move on” in order to look like we’re strong for the rest of the world, and in that “moving on”, we miss out on the opportunity to really feel our feelings and then use them to grow and connect with others.

Say what’s on your mind. Do the things you dream. Love like He loves you. Forgive like it’s easy. And smile like you have nothing to hide.

Because my sisters in Alpha Phi show me love. This post is dedicated to one sister in particular, Alyssa Michaels. No matter where life takes us, Lyss, our friendship will continue. I wish we had more time right now, but it’s better to fall in love with a friend late than never!



7 thoughts on “Love Like He Loves You

  1. Everything you said in this post is so true and it is reality! People do “move on” to another relationship to make people around them feel that its ok .. But inside they are only hurting themselves.. We have to face reality and understand that overcoming heartbreak takes time. Losing someone you love is like losing a part of you”

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